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Your Local Hydraulics Company – Bernell HydraulicsThese days, it seems like everyone is obsessed with keeping things local. City and town farmer’s markets are stuffed with local cheese, coffee, and produce, local bookstores advertise all the new good reads, and the bars promote their locally brewed beers like there’s no tomorrow. Going local is great – it keeps tax dollars flowing through local economies instead of lining billionaire’s pockets, it conserves natural resources by requiring less packaging and shipping, and it keeps local people employed in their communities. Plus it’s just really fun to go to a store, know the person helping you, and be able to truly rely on the products their selling to work for you. It’s awesome!

Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way, don’t you think? With the rise in enormous box stores has inevitably come a steep decline in customer service. When employees interact with hundreds of customers every day, they don’t feel a real sense of accountability to make any one specific transaction really count for anything. Going to a local store is so much more enjoyable. Sure, you may have to pay more, but the level of service and quality of the products are so much better.

While it’s great to get your bread, beer, and cheese local, there’s another service you may not have realized you can get locally too:

Hydraulic services and parts at Bernell Hydraulics!

That’s right – come to Bernell Hydraulics and you’ll experience a truly unparalleled level of service for all your hydraulic system needs. Since our founding over 43 years ago, we’ve been delivering highly reliable hydraulic systems, parts, and impeccable repair services throughout Southern California. And now that we have an online store, we can ship our fantastic products nationwide, too – so no matter where you are in the US, you can get high quality parts from Bernell Hydraulics.

Bernell Hydraulics is a local hydraulics company where you matter – you’re never “just another customer.” Come discover what it’s like to actually be taken care of at Bernell Hydraulics.

Visit your local hydraulics company – Bernell Hydraulics

When you come to one of our stores (which are conveniently located in Anaheim, Colton, Rancho Cucamonga, and Riverside – more location information is available here), you’ll be personally greeted by one of our highly qualified staff. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and repair services. If you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, they’ll gladly point you in the right direction according to your hydraulic system needs.

Call your local hydraulics company

And if you call us at 909-899-1751, you can expect to receive incredibly helpful service over the phone, too. For example, if you need to order a part online but you’re having trouble locating it or putting in your payment information, feel free to just give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Your local hydraulic system repair company

Our hydraulic system technicians have successfully accomplished thousands of repairs over the years. Whether you need routine maintenance service, a quick repair, or emergency service, simply call us at Bernell Hydraulics and we’ll send one of our savvy technicians right on over

Posted on June 24, 2016
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