Why Your Purchase Should Only Happen At An Authorized Parker & ParkerStore Distributor

ParkerStores can provide superior service and consistent access to quality parts

When you need hydraulic parts and services, you want to know that you are getting only the finest available. There are many reasons to only make your purchase from an authorized distributor. Here are some of the most important.

Rigid Criteria

Lesser known suppliers of parts or services are not bound by the same criteria that name brand distributors are held to. Both within the company and industry and outside of the company, an authorized distributor is held to rigorous standards. These standards may be created by an association of professionals within the industry. They may be generated by government entities assigned to oversee the industry. Or they may be held by the customers who ultimately determine the success or failure of both the distributor and the company. In many cases, there is more than one source of standards. The authorized distributor will have a lot at stake if they fail to provide the best quality in service and products.

Experienced Personnel

In many cases, the distributor must have completed a specific course of educational and technical training in order to become authorized. With training, the personnel at an authorized Parker and ParkerStore distributor will be able to make your desired hoses, help you to decide what the source of a hose failure was, or to determine the correct part for your specific need.

Consistent Access to a Variety of Goods

You may have encountered the frustrating situation of finding the right part, but not in the right size. This scenario is played out in many different variations. However, if you have chosen to search for the necessary parts at an authorized distributor, then you will have access to any of the parts or sizes that you need. This may be especially important if you need replacement parts often or if you are currently using parts that are hard to find otherwise.  An authorized distributor will be a consistent source of the parts that you need. This reliability can often save you a lot of time and money that you may otherwise find yourself spending in the search for the hoses or fittings that you are looking for.

When it comes to Parker products and distributors, there is really no reason to risk a purchase from a source that isn’t authorized. Parker products are available worldwide. Authorized distributors will be able to provide you with:

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic hoses and fittings
  • Couplings
  • Fittings and valves
  • Tube and thread configurations
  • Other related products

How are you using hydraulic systems? Are you using an old or a new system? What steps do you take that improve the efficiency of your hydraulic systems?

Bernell Hydraulics Incorporated is an authorized distributor for Parker products and other distinguished brands.

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