Why Invest in Expert Hydraulic Motor Installation

The pros at Bernell Hydraulics known how to install motors properly for the best possible performance.

Why Invest in Expert Hydraulic Motor InstallationHow certain are you that the person who ordinarily does your hydraulic equipment maintenance knows what they’re doing?

It may surprise you to learn that the following is a costly and common hydraulic parts installation mistake:

Dry Starting a Hydraulic Motor

When installing a hydraulic motor, some maintenance personnel simply mount the component in place, connect all the hoses, and call things good to go. This can cause a huge problem known as a “dry start.” If the hydraulic motor is allowed to run without new hydraulic oil inside, the ultimate result will be about what you’d expect if you started your car with no oil inside: the system is going to fail.

Now, some people may try to tell you that it is not necessary to add oil before starting the equipment, because internal leakage will ensure that the case of the motor gets filled up with oil relatively quickly. While internal leakage is real, you can’t afford to rely on it to fill your motor case. Unless the case fills in a split second (which it won’t), irrevocable damage is going to occur. The only question is how long it will take this damage to show itself in a premature motor failure.

Your Warranty Will Be Voided!

Often, an experienced hydraulic tech can do a sort of “forensic investigation” on a dead part and see why it failed. If your hydraulic motor is determined to have been destroyed due to improper installation, the manufacturer is not going to provide any warranty protection. Considering that there have been reports of dry starts causing hydraulic motors to fail as much as 7,000 hours short of the expected service life, you could get stuck with a very costly repair and losing that warranty protection is really going to hurt.

The Right Way to Install a Hydraulic Motor

The proper way to install a hydraulic motor is to always fill the case with clean oil—before connecting the drain line. This is what the manufacturer expects, this is what the warranty requires, and this is what we do at Bernell Hydraulics.

If you need a new hydraulic motor for your equipment, please do not hesitate to call Bernell Hydraulics. If your work site is in our local service area we can not only source your part but also come install it for you quickly and correctly.

Posted on June 25, 2015
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