Why Buy Lion Hydraulic Cylinders in San Bernardino CA

Lion hydraulic cylinders in San Bernardino CA come from an established company with an excellent reputation for quality

When shopping for hydraulic cylinders and other components for your mobile or industrial equipment, you have plenty of choices. So why would you choose Lion hydraulic cylinders in San Bernardino CA? Here are a few facts about Lion brand parts that should push them to the forefront during your next purchasing decision.

Company Reputation

Lion HydraulicsLion Hydraulics is a division of Monarch Industries, a privately owned Canadian company that has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and creating custom iron castings since 1935. The company has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies every year since 1995, due to their quality products and rapid growth in the global marketplace. Monarch is a well-respected supplier of parts to successful equipment manufacturers like Ingersoll Rand, John Deere, Bush Hog, and Case New Holland.

Quality Standards

Monarch and Lion brand’s quality control standards are compliant with 2008’s international ISO 9001 standard, which set the bar high for design, manufacturing, and service activities. ISO 9001 is in fact the most rigorous of the international standards, so you know that every Lion hydraulic cylinder you buy is backed by a serious commitment to quality.

Environmental Awareness

Nowadays, many consumers like to vote with their wallet by patronizing businesses that show a commitment to preserving the natural environment. If you share this attitude, you will be pleased to know that when you buy Lion hydraulic cylinders in San Bernardino CA you are supporting a company that has attained compliance with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard for both its corporate office and its foundry operations. This lets you know that the products you purchase were made in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, and that extra steps were taken to try to reduce the overall environmental impact of the operation.

North American Jobs

Buying Lion hydraulic cylinders in San Bernardino CA from a local distributor will help support your local economy, as well as the North American economy as a whole. Somewhat unusual for a manufacturing company, Monarch Industries has kept its foundry activities in its home country of Canada rather than outsourcing them to a cheaper labor pool. Lion hydraulic cylinders are cast in Winkler, Canada and distributed out of a centralized Kansas City, MO facility. The corporate office is in Winnipeg, Canada.

OEM Capacity

Another compelling reason to use Lion brand hydraulic cylinders from Monarch Industries is that they have the capacity to make custom parts. It’s always useful to develop a relationship with a company that can serve your unique needs and provide custom hydraulic solutions.

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