Why Buy from Bernell Hydraulics

Bernell Hydraulics offers an unparalleled selection of quality hydraulic parts and stellar customer service.

Why Buy from Bernell HydraulicsYou may have many choices for getting the hydraulic parts you need for your mobile, agricultural, or industrial equipment. But at Bernell Hydraulics, we believe we can offer some special benefits that give us the edge of the competition and make us the natural choice for all your hydraulic parts needs, especially if you work in our local service area.

Here are the top 4 reasons to buy from Bernell when you need hydraulic parts:

We Know the Industry

Bernell Hydraulics has been in business since 1977. We have decades of experience in the industry, and some of our staff members have been with us almost the entire history of the company. This in-depth level of experience and knowledge gives us a huge advantage over your average parts supply store that may have a high staff turnover. Unlike those stores, we have employees who can offer you reliable advice about hydraulic parts performance based on experience, not just box labels and product descriptions.

We Have a Huge Inventory

Bernell Hydraulics takes great pride in maintaining one of the largest in-stock hydraulic parts inventories in our local area. We have literally thousands of parts on the shelves at our 3 store locations in Riverside, Anaheim, and Colton. We also keep our headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga stocked as well. If you can’t find the part you want on our shelves, we can get it ordered for you fast thanks to our connections with many top manufacturers.

We Are an Authorized ParkerStore

Speaking of our connections with top manufacturers, we are actually an authorized provider for Parker Hannifin. This means we are your go-to source for any Parker parts you may need. When you buy from us, you can be 100 percent certain that the parts are genuine, factory-certified parts that will perform up to the high standards you expect from Parker. Since Parker acquired Snap-Tite, we have also become an authorized provider for them and we can offer you all kinds of high-quality connectors that will make for easy maintenance and confident, leak-free connections.

We Provide Onsite Assistance 24/7

One final reason to buy your hydraulic parts from Bernell Hydraulics is that we offer delivery and installation 24/7 if you are in our local service area. What could be more convenient than just picking up the phone, telling us what you need, and knowing your parts will be installed and your equipment back up and running ASAP? Our mobile hose doctor service is especially helpful for keeping equipment running and projects on schedule.

Posted on June 30, 2015
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