What’s Inside Your Hydraulic Filter?

Learn about different types of filter media.

What’s Inside Your Hydraulic Filter?You mostly likely already know how important the right hydraulic filters are for maintaining cool, clean, and moisture-free fluid in your hydraulic system. But do you know what’s inside your hydraulic filter and how it works? Here are the most common filter media choices that may be available to you.

Paper Filters

Paper filters are inexpensive and environmentally friendly because most of them are made from recycled post-consumer waste paper. Because paper absorbs water, a paper filter can be very useful for helping to keep moisture out of the fluid. Unfortunately, this type of filter is not very good at capturing dirt.

Polyester Filters

Polyester filters look and perform very similar to paper filters, with the important difference than they are hydrophobic rather than hydroscopic. In other words they repel rather than absorb water. This makes them a cheap filter media option where water contamination is not a concern.

Synthetic Glass Filters

Currently, most quality filters you will find on the market are made from synthetic glass fibers. These filters contain multiple layers of very fine fibers, which are arranged so that there is a very good capture rate of any dirt particles in the fluid. The main drawback of this kind of filter is that precisely because it has a smaller pore size and captures more contaminants, it clogs more quickly and needs more frequent replacement.

Metal Mesh Filters

Another option is filters that are made from metal mesh screens. This filter media may be made from standard or stainless steel. The main advantage is that this type of filter is reusable. However you have to be very careful when cleaning metal mesh filters to avoid ending up with dirt on the wrong side of the filter, which would contaminate your system as soon as you started it up. Due to the manufacturing constraints on working with steel, metal filters are not able to screen really tiny particles like synthetic glass filters can.

Need New Filters?

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Posted on March 25, 2015
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