Using Smart Cylinders to Reduce Operational Costs for Your Hydraulic Equipment

Using Smart Cylinders to Reduce Operational Costs for Your Hydraulic EquipmentUsing hydraulics in power generation environments can be tough on your components, especially cylinders. Dust, dirt, gravel, corrosives, vibrations, chemicals and loads can make it very difficult for engineers to monitor cylinders. This especially applies to hydraulic cylinders used in power generation applications, like governor control and gate actuation.

Typically, building redundancy into monitory devices takes extra money and time. You need to add additional steps, and even extra structures to hold various sensors. This time and money adds up over time.

Smart Cylinders Improve the Monitoring Process

Instead of investing more time and money into developing redundancy, why not utilize a smart cylinder in your hydraulic system. These cylinders not only streamline operations, but they can also reduce your operating costs. Key features of these types of smart cylinders include:

  • Quick change out, non-pressurized housing
  • Resolution up to .0001 inches
  • Speeds up to 40 inches/second
  • Sensors that offer universal optic readings

These features give engineers the ability to quickly and accurately read and monitor positions. As opposed to variable resistance sensors, magnetostrictive sensors and laser gauges, smart cylinders provide more accurate and timely results. These are designed to withstand harsh environments, especially those in hydroelectric plants and dams, wind turbine rotators, gas turbines and solar panels.

Benefits of Smart Cylinders

When it comes to utilizing smart cylinders in your hydraulic operations, there are a litany of benefits, including:

  • Not effected by electric noise
  • Extreme operating temperature ratings (typically -40 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Exterior mount, non-contacting, non-pressurized sensor for easy replacement
  • Universal across wide range of cylinder diameters
  • Stroke lengths up to 20 feet
  • Stainless steel and steel construction for durability
  • CAN communication to all signal conditioning electronics permits longer cable runs

Smart cylinders make it affordable and possible to achieve dual, triple and quadruple redundancy. Integrating one of these cylinders into your system can reduce the time and cost associated with gun drilling.

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Posted on March 22, 2018
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