Top 10 Industries that rely on Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals

Top 10 Industries that rely on Hydraulic and Pneumatic sealsThere are so many industries that depend on hydraulic and pneumatic seals to carry out operations each day. Here are the top 10 industries that rely on hydraulic and pneumatic seals the most.

  1. Agricultural Machinery / Farm Equipment
    As the world’s population grows, the need for more efficient crop harvesting increases. That’s were hydraulic and pneumatic sealed machinery comes in. High quality hydraulic and pneumatic power machinery allows agricultural machinery and other farm equipment to maintain peak performance. Farm equipment use single acting hydraulic seals to harvest, thresh, bale, drain, and crop harvest machinery.
  2. Amusement Park Machines
    Summer simply wouldn’t be complete without roller coasters. Hydraulic and pneumatic seals allow amusement park rides to keep functioning perfectly, ride after ride and summer after summer. Amusement park rides that utilize specially designed hydraulic and pneumatic sealed equipment that has low friction seals and rubber, polyurethane, or TMCF seals and wipers are so much more reliable.
  3. Automobile Manufacturers
    Just about every automobile assembly department heavily relies on pneumatic rams on assembly jigs. Pneumatics are quieter and cleaner, and prevent a leak from contaminating other parts of the vehicle.
  4. Cheese Manufacturers
    What would the world be like without cheese? No one wants to imagine that. In the cheese industry, pneumatic seals, spring energized seals, wipers, and guide rings are dependable for manufacturing and packaging machines. Hydraulic and pneumatic seals make these machines work well, day after day.
  5. Coal Mining Equipment
    “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!” sang the 7 dwarfs in Snow White. Underground mining machinery uses hydraulics, and roof support machinery utilizes pneumatics. Safety is #1 in the mining industry, and both hydraulic and pneumatic seals keep maintenance to a minimum and performance to a maximum.
  6. Concrete Pumping
    Concrete is heavy, viscous, abrasive, contains pieces of hard rock, and solidifies if it’s not continuously moving. Concrete pumping requires specialized hydraulic and pneumatic seals to prevent dangerous blockages in the pump system. These seals are suitable for the hydraulic rams used to operate the concrete pumping plungers and hydraulic rams on the boom.
  7. Diecasters
    Die casting is accomplished by forcing molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure. Specialized hydraulic and pneumatic seals that resist extreme temperatures allow this to be accomplished effectively.
  8. Earth-movers and excavators
    Heavy earth-moving, excavators, dozers, and backhoe loaders depend on high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic seals to effectively carry out operations each day.
  9. Printers
    Printing presses and packaging machines in the fast-paced publishing industry uses machine parts including hydraulic and pneumatic seals to keep up with ever-increasing demand. Industrial printers benefit from hydraulic and pneumatic seals to maintain maximum speed and productivity at all times.
  10.  Textile Manufacturers
  11. Textile machinery utilizes pneumatics to cope with compact spinning, high pressures, and constant rotation of the air rams. As the world’s population continues to increase, demand for clothing rises, too – and thanks to pneumatic seals, textile manufacturers can keep up.

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Posted on June 10, 2016
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