Snap-Tite Hydraulic Quick Disconnects

Bernell Hydraulics now offers Snap-Tite brand hydraulic quick disconnects

Snap-Tite Hydraulic Quick DisconnectsSnap-Tite has been a trusted name in hydraulic quick disconnects since 1935, offering more combinations, sizes, and types of quick disconnects than any other manufacturer. Another hydraulics industry giant, Parker, bought Snap-Tite in 2012. Now, as an authorized ParkerStore, Bernell Hydraulics is proud to carry high-quality factory-certified hydraulic quick disconnects from both Parker and Snap-Tite product lines.

Why Buy Snap-Tite Hydraulic Quick Disconnects

Snap-Tite’s long history of excellence in the quick disconnect business means that they have developed a wide range of superior products that can offer our customers tremendous value. As with any hydraulic quick disconnect, Snap-Tite products make it much simpler to work on your hydraulic equipment. All you have to do is snap the fittings together to install a new part, and it’s just as easy to remove a part for service, without using specialized tools or necessarily affecting the pressure in the rest of the system. This saves you time, and as we all know time is money in the hydraulics business.

Our Snap-Tite Inventory

In addition to convenience, Snap-Tite quick disconnects also offer many specific, innovative features that help you get better performance from your equipment. For example, we carry:

Snap-Tite Drybreak, Non-Spill Quick Disconnects: Also called flat face or flush face couplings, this type of quick disconnect features a sliding sleeve that enables them to connect components with very low risk of air inclusion and to disconnect with little or no spillage.

Poppet-Style Quick Disconnects: This is by far the most commonly used style of quick disconnects. Poppet valves inside the part prevent fluids from flowing when the two parts of the quick disconnect are separated for service or maintenance.

High-Pressure Quick Disconnects: Snap-Tite’s wide product range is clear in their high-pressure quick disconnects, which can accommodate pressure ratings from 10,000 to 40,000 psi.

Mobile Equipment Quick Disconnects: Because mobile equipment is often expected to operate in dirty, bumpy, rugged conditions, Snap-Tite offers a line of hydraulic quick disconnects specifically designed to survive the rigors of mobile conditions without damage or leaks.

Questions? Just Ask Bernell Hydraulics

At Bernell Hydraulics, all our staff members are experts in the hydraulics industry. We can answer any questions you may have about Snap-Tite hydraulic quick disconnects and help you get the exact parts you need to meet your system’s requirements. Our service techs can even install the new disconnects for you right at your worksite if needed. Please feel free to stop by one of our stores, give us a call, or place an order online to see how Snap-Tite quick disconnects can improve the performance of your equipment.

Posted on October 4, 2013
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