Hydraulic Repair

You can trust the pros at Bernell Hydraulics to handle all your hydraulic repair needs

Hydrualic RepairWhen your hydraulic system breaks down, it means lost time and lost money for your company. We understand that at Bernell Hydraulics, which is why we offer fast and reliable hydraulic repair & service in southern California for a wide variety of equipment.

Hydraulic Parts & Service

At Bernell Hydraulics, we take pride in our ability to handle just about every hydraulic parts & service need you may have. We’ve been in business since 1977, and during that time we’ve developed the industry knowledge, manufacturer connections, and highly skilled staff necessary to not only get you the parts you need for any repair, but also help you keep your hydraulic equipment running better longer. We even provide hydraulic parts & service for custom systems.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We have technicians on call 24 hours a day to help you figure out exactly what is wrong with your hydraulic system and what it will take to repair. With years of experience working in the field of hydraulics, we can often troubleshoot and repair the problem in a short time, helping you get back to business faster.

Need help after hours? We’re available 24/7 at 909-899-1751!

In-Stock Inventory

If your hydraulic repair requires that you get new components or parts, you don’t wait to wait days or even weeks for the parts to come in. Working with Bernell Hydraulics means you have access to our huge inventory of in-stock items ready to replace broken or damaged parts of your system. If you’re not close to our southern California stores, we can ship items directly to you wherever you are.

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Experience With All Major Lines

Parker MotorsNo matter what kind of hydraulic system you have, our technicians can provide the repair and service that you may need. That’s because we have a team of true hydraulics experts with the knowledge and experience required to repair all major lines of cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, and other hydraulic components. As an authorized ParkerStore, we are especially well-versed in Parker products, but we can assist you in finding parts from any of your favorite manufacturers.

Quality Tested Hydraulic Repair & Service

From the time you call to the time we finish the repair, we understand that every second counts. While it’s good to get a quick repair job done, it’s also critical that the repair is done right. That’s why our technicians will test and re-test the equipment to ensure quality hydraulic repairs & service in southern California before we release the machine back to the customer.

Preventive Maintenance

Premature failure of hydraulic systems can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars every year, but a little preventive maintenance can go a long way. Before you find yourself in need of hydraulic repair & service in southern California, call our technicians to come and perform preventative maintenance tasks like fluid testing and monitoring, equipment calibration, and inspections to reduce your risk for major damage and repairs in the future.

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