The Right Hydraulic Parts Make Maintenance Easier

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Make Maintenance EasierWe all know that maintenance is a vital part of maintaining any hydraulic system. Unfortunately, it can also be quite a drag. It can be tempting to postpone maintenance because you can’t accommodate or afford the down time. Of course, postponing maintenance can actually lead to more down time by allowing problems to develop. One thing you can do to help improve your maintenance process is to make sure you’re choosing the right parts that not only support performance but also make hydraulic repair and maintenance a breeze.

Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnects such as Snap-Tite products are a huge time saver when it comes to maintenance as well as hydraulic repair. Unlike other connectors that have to be threaded or crimped on, these products simply snap together. When you need to access a component for repair or maintenance, you just snap the connectors apart. You still have a tight, leak-free connection but it takes much less work to achieve.

Smart Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are probably the most frequently replaced part of any hydraulic system. While having the right setup that protects your hoses from unnecessary abrasion, overbending, or vibration will help extend their service life, you may find that your hoses still frequently end up looking too worn at your maintenance inspections and must be replaced more often than you’d like. If you’re tired of proactively replacing hoses before they’re truly worn out, consider getting LifeSense hoses from Eaton. These hoses can actually notify you when they are in danger of failing so you can replace them right when you need to.


With the right filtration in place, you can reduce the frequency of your need for fluid flushes. At Bernell Hydraulics, we can help you find filters that can be integrated quickly and easily into your system and have the right pressure and fluid flow properties to reliably capture contaminants from your fluids. If you have filter indicators in your system, your maintenance will be even easier because instead of replacing your filters automatically during quarterly maintenance, you will only have to replace them when the indicator tells you to.


Choosing high-quality seals will not only help prevent leaks, but also make the cleanup portion of your maintenance easier. The less fluid you have leaking out over various components, the less dirt you’ll have adhering to the system and the less time you’ll have to spend cleaning.

Posted on June 20, 2014
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