Our high-quality instrumentation components help you keep a watchful eye on your hydraulic systems


Keeping your hydraulic system running in top condition requires constant vigilance and monitoring, and we have just the instrumentation you need to monitor your system day and night.

Constant Checks

Your hydraulic system has the capability to keep your business running, whether you’re in agriculture, mining, construction, or any other industry. When it’s down, you are losing money, so you need to keep it running at all times in optimal conditions. The best way to do that is by constantly reviewing the different hydraulic components to ensure they are all working well. Whether you need diagnostic tests, monitors, pressure kits, or similar items, you can get it here.

System Alerts

When something does go wrong, the best instrumentation should alert you to potential and existing problems so you can address them before they turn into major and costly repairs. Components such as flow meters, indicators, sensors, and alarms keep you apprised of areas that are experiencing problems, which can help you prevent bigger disasters.

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Available Instrumentation

The items you need will depend on the type of system you have, but could include:

  • ServicemanDiagnostic tests
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Digital hydraulic pressure switches
  • Column level indicators
  • Temperature gauges
  • Hydraulic level gauges
  • High pressure alarms
  • Pressure indicators
  • Pressure test kits
  • Test point hoses

Without these monitors and test systems, you could quickly have small problems such as leaks, high pressure surges, and hose damage turn into repairs that require parts replacement, hydraulic service, and hydraulic repair that not only affects your bottom line by bringing productivity to a halt, but also requires you to spend more money on your machinery.

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