Preventing Hydraulic Pump Failure in Your Hydraulic Machinery

Preventing Hydraulic Pump Failure in Your Hydraulic Machinery A hydraulic pump converts mechanical power into hydraulic energy that generates enough flow to surpass the load-induced pressure. The vacuum created at the pump inlet forces liquid from the reservoir to the inlet line that leads to the hydraulic pump. The pump then forces the liquid through the rest of the hydraulic system. These hydraulic pumps come in many different shapes, sizes and types, but they are a crucial part of any hydraulic equipment.

Like any piece of equipment, hydraulic pumps will inevitably fail at some point in time. However, they often fail prematurely for a number of reasons. Different pumps fail for different reasons, but some of these causes can be prevented.

Here are a few tips to keeping your hydraulic pumps running smoothly:

  1. Use High Quality Hydraulic Fluids

  2. Perhaps the best way to prevent premature hydraulic pump failure is to use quality hydraulic fluids. Fluid is the most important component in a hydraulic system and definitely not a component that you want to skimp out on. It will only cost you more in the long run when you need a costly pump replacement.

  3. Keep Fluids Cool and Dry

  4. It is important that fluids are kept cool and dry, and that you choose the appropriate fluid for the temperature levels within your hydraulic system. Heating fluids past their maximum threshold will have a negative impact on your pumps.

  5. Change Filters Regularly

  6. The best way to keep your fluids clean is through filtration. You need to choose filters that achieve the optimal cleanliness level and place them in locations that assure protection. Around three-quarters of hydraulic system failures are caused by contamination, which is why having adequate filtration is so important.

  7. Check Your Oil Levels

  8. Since contamination can have such negative consequences in your hydraulic system, it is a good idea to check your oil levels regularly. Perform an oil analysis with particle counts to ensure that your fluids and clean and won’t put your hydraulic pump at risk.

Does It Really Matter?

These tips are especially important to keep in mind, since the hydraulic pump is often the most expensive component in a hydraulic system. A hydraulic pump failing can also have detrimental system effects, like kicking debris downstream. If these debris and contaminants get to valves and actuators, they can destroy these as well. This only increases your repair and replacement costs.

With Bernell Hydraulics, You Can Keep Running Smoothly.

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