Wilmington CA

Along with San Pedro CA, Wilmington CA is part of one of the most important shipping centers in the world, the Port of Los Angeles. These two cities are actually now part of the City of Los Angeles. When it was first founded, Wilmington CA was actually called New San Pedro, but the name was then changed to reference Wilmington Delaware by founder Phineas Banning. Two notable developments occurred before Wilmington CA was annexed by LA, namely the founding of Drum Barracks to protect the harbor during the Civil War, and the opening of Wilson College, a precursor of the University of California. Today Wilmington CA is heavily industrial with many oil refineries. No matter what type of hydraulic equipment you may be working with in Wilmington CA, Bernell Hydraulics has the parts and components you need. Feel free to stop by one of our shops, place an order by phone, or browse our online catalog for authentic parts from quality name brands like Parker, Lion, and more.

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