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Parker Motor

If you want your next hydraulic motor to come from a brand you can trust, choose Parker hydraulic motors San Jose CA. Parker motors are packed with features like high starting torque of up to 90 percent of running torque, heavy duty bearings, and mountings, bolts, and flanges that meet SAE standards. The friendly staff at Bernell Hydraulics will be happy to help you explore all your options and find a Parker model suitable for your hydraulic system.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Motors

Parker’s highly reliable, rugged Parker Torqmotor was introduced in 1964. Ever since then, Parker has been using their design expertise and manufacturing talents to set the bar for hydraulic motor quality and performance. No matter how rough you want to treat your motor, or how many RPMs you need to get out of it, you can find a suitable model among the many Parker hydraulic motors San Jose CA on offer at Bernell Hydraulics. Our stock of Parker motors includes:

  • Fixed and Variable Displacement Motors
  • Low Speed High Torque Parker Torqmotors
  • Axial Piston Motors
    • Small and Large Frame Bent Axis Motors
    • Gear Motors
    • Clutch Motors
    • Spring Applied Motors
    • Gerotor and Orbit Motors
      • Integral Brake Motors
      • Mechanical Brake Motors
      • Small, Medium, and Large Frame LSHT Motors
      • Radial Piston Motors
      • Vane Motors
        • Heavy and Medium Duty Vane Motors
        • Gold Cup Motors for Hydrostatic Transmissions

Why Buy From Bernell

Before you invest in a new hydraulic motor, you obviously want to do your research and make sure you are choosing the best model from the best manufacturer. The knowledgeable staff at Bernell Hydraulics can provide a wealth of information about the Parker company and Parker hydraulic motors San Jose CA. Because we are an authorized distributor for Parker, we can get you authentic parts that will perform up to the high standard the world has come to expect from Parker.

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