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Parker Motor

When you need a new hydraulic motor for any sort of hydraulic application, the experts at Bernell Hydraulics can help. We can provide a replacement of the exact motor you already have, or walk you through the features of Parker hydraulic motors Rancho Cucamonga CA and discuss the benefits of upgrading to a Parker system. You can stop by any of our locations or call out one of our mobile techs to get an informed opinion about your next hydraulic motor.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Motors

We have plenty of Parker hydraulic motors Rancho Cucamonga CA in stock at Bernell Hydraulics. If we can’t find the exact model you need at any of our three ParkerStore locations, we can special order it for you. Many of our customers trust the Parker Torqmotor for all of their low speed, high torque applications. The unique design of this classic hydraulic motor eliminates the need for external drain lines and provides precise timing and smooth operation. Come ask us about Torqmotors or about other products like:

  • Fixed and Variable Displacement Motors
  • Low Speed High Torque Parker Torqmotors
  • Axial Piston Motors
    • Small and Large Frame Bent Axis Motors
    • Gear Motors
    • Clutch Motors
    • Spring Applied Motors
    • Gerotor and Orbit Motors
      • Integral Brake Motors
      • Mechanical Brake Motors
      • Small, Medium, and Large Frame LSHT Motors
      • Radial Piston Motors
      • Vane Motors
        • Heavy and Medium Duty Vane Motors
        • Gold Cup Motors for Hydrostatic Transmissions

Why Buy From Bernell

In our 30+ years in the hydraulic parts and service business, we at Bernell Hydraulics have developed an intimate knowledge of all kinds of hydraulic motors. We can help you choose the best Parker hydraulic motors Rancho Cucamonga CA for various applications. We will help match your requirements to a high-performance Parker motor. Because we are an authorized Parker distributor, you can trust our motors to be authentic factory-certified models.

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