Parker Hydraulic Filters Los Angeles CA

Protect your hydraulic equipment with quality Parker hydraulic filters Los Angeles CA

Parker Hydraulic Filters

As modern high pressure hydraulic systems get more and more refined, there is less room for tolerance of even slight fluid contamination. Tiny dirt and grit particles can abrade important hydraulic components and ultimately ruin them. Fortunately, you can protect your hydraulic components from contamination by investing in high-quality Parker hydraulic filters Los Angeles CA.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Filters

Parker has designed and manufactured a hydraulic filter for practically every imaginable application. Whether you need a high, medium, or low pressure filter, you can find a superior product at a great price from Parker. In fact, Parker actually led the way in making special filters available for medium pressure applications. Before they did this, users were often forced to buy more expensive high pressure filters in order to keep their hydraulic fluids clean. Stop by one of Bernell Hydraulics’ three stores and check out the Parker hydraulic filters Los Angeles CA that we have in stock:

  • Low pressure filters
    • Suction/Return filters
    • Tank top filters
    • Tank top return line filters
    • Spin-on filters
  • Medium pressure filters
    • In-line filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Spin-on filters
  • High pressure in-line filters
    • Manifold filters
    • Reverse flow filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Servosaver series filters

Filters and Fluids

In order to get the best performance out of your Parker hydraulic filters Los Angeles CA, you may want to consider also using Parker hydraulic fluids. DuraClean fluid would be an excellent choice. This ultra premium hydraulic oil from Parker has special additives that can maximize oil life and component protection across a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures.

When you need new filters or fluids, you can trust the skilled technicians at Bernell Hydraulics to get you the products you need. We can also use fluid analysis to assess the performance of your current fluids and determine if a power flush is needed. You can get filter and fluid replacement services on site through our mobile repair service or at any of our stores.

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