Fullerton CA

Fullerton CA has been a busy city since its earliest days. An oil strike in the Brea-Olinda Oil field in the 1880s fueled growth right up to a peak in the 1920s. Plus, a supposed descendent of Johnny Appleseed brought Valencia oranges to Fullerton CA, and soon the city’s citrus industry was also thriving with more orange groves than any other municipality in the country. After the Depression, more food was processed than grown in Fullerton CA as it transitioned to more of an industrial economy with citrus juice and food processing plants. Today the city is more suburban in character. No matter what type of hydraulic equipment you may be working with in Fullerton CA, Bernell Hydraulics has the parts and components you need. Feel free to stop by one of our shops, place an order by phone, or browse our online catalog for authentic parts from quality name brands like Parker, Lion, and more.

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