Parker Hydraulic Filters Fresno CA

Protect your hydraulic equipment with quality Parker hydraulic filters Fresno CA

Parker Hydraulic Filters

The more precise your hydraulic system is, the more important it is to keep contaminants out. You can’t afford to let even the tiniest bit of dirt into your system, because it can abrade, score, or jam important hydraulic components and ultimately ruin them. Fortunately, investing in high-quality Parker hydraulic filters Fresno CA will allow you to protect your hydraulic components from contamination.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Filters

Parker’s hydraulic filter offerings encompass just about every imaginable mobile or industrial application. Whether you need a high, medium, or low pressure filter, Parker can provide a superior product at a great price. Stop by one of Bernell Hydraulics’ three official ParkerStores and check out the Parker hydraulic filters Fresno CA that we have in stock. We’ll be happy to explain the benefits and features of various products, like:

  • Low pressure filters
    • Suction/Return filters
    • Tank top filters
    • Tank top return line filters
    • Spin-on filters
  • Medium pressure filters
    • In-line filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Spin-on filters
  • High pressure in-line filters
    • Manifold filters
    • Reverse flow filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Servosaver series filters

Filters and Fluids

Using Parker hydraulic filters Fresno CA is an excellent first step towards improving your system’s performance. You can supplement this step by also using Parker hydraulic fluids. We often recommend Parker’s DuraClean fluid, which is a hydraulic oil that contains special additives. These additives are intended to maximize oil life and component protection across a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures. DuraClean can replace mineral-based oil in most systems. If you need new filters or new fluids, Bernell Hydraulics can help. We can not only sell you the authentic Parker parts you require, but also provide skilled technicians to flush your system and install the new parts for you. We can provide this service at your worksite or at our shop.

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