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Improve your equipment’s performance with Parker hydraulic cylinders Fresno CA

Parker Cylinder

Parker hydraulic cylinders Fresno CA offer exceptional performance and longer life than generic cylinders. Next time you need new cylinders for your mobile or industrial equipment, visit us at Bernell Hydraulics to explore the full range of high-quality offerings from Parker.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Cylinders

We are an authorized Parker parts distributor, so you can trust us to provide authentic, premium quality Parker hydraulic cylinders Fresno CA. No matter how much pressure you need to put on the cylinders, or what type of cylinder mounts you require, we can help. Browse our shelves or the Parker catalog for:

  • Compact hydraulic cylinders
  • MH mill type hydraulic cylinders
  • Tie rod hydraulic cylinders
  • Electrohydraulic cylinders
  • ISO hydraulic cylinders
  • Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders
  • Single- or double-acting telescopic cylinders
  • Piston rod cylinders
  • Interchangeable mobile cylinder parts for creating your own cylinder

Parker Zero Leak Sealing Technology

Parker’s history of innovation in core motion and control technology dates back to the company’s founding in 1918. When it comes to hydraulic cylinders, one key innovation is Zero Leak Seal technology for piston rod cylinders. Parker has developed special components like additional outside lips to keep contaminants out and bronze-filled Teflon seals to keep these cylinders leak-free even in dry rod conditions.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

For older, rare, or custom hydraulic equipment, finding off the shelf parts can be a challenge. If you can’t find the Parker hydraulic cylinders Fresno CA you need in our ParkerStores, we can try to order them for you. If the part you need is no longer being manufactured, you may have two options. We can help you create a custom cylinder assembly using standard rods and tubes sold separately by Parker. Of course, this only works for mobile piston rod cylinders. If you need something else, our design and manufacturing team can help you build a custom cylinder from scratch.

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