Parker Hydraulic Support Clamps in Fontana CA

Lock your hydraulic hoses and tubes in place with Parker hydraulic support clamps in Fontana CA


You’ve invested a lot in getting the best parts for your hydraulic system, so don’t cheap out on your clamps. Hydraulic clamps are a critical part of any hydraulic assembly because they keep hoses and cables where they belong. At Bernell Hydraulics, we offer a nice selection of Parker hydraulic support clamps in Fontana CA in just about any size or material you might need. Order your clamps from us and rest assured you are getting a durable, 100 percent authentic Parker part.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Clamps in Fontana CA

At Bernell Hydraulics, we have thousands of different hydraulic parts in stock at our authorized ParkerStore locations, and we can access many more through special order. We can help you find the following types of Parker hydraulic support clamps in Fontana CA:

  • Flange clamps
    • Split flange clamps
    • Captive flange clamps
  • Tube clamps
    • Hydraulic steel clamps
    • Series O clamps
    • Single series A clamps
    • Single series C clamps
    • Twin series B clamps

Features of Parker Hydraulic Clamps

Parker hydraulic support clamps in Fontana CA are packed with features designed to improve their life and keep your hoses and tubes in place longer. For example, some tube clamps are available in acid and rust resistant stainless steel, and other surface treatments can also be added to help the clamps, screws, and nuts stand up to the harsh conditions they may encounter inside various types of hydraulic equipment. Series A and B tube clamps come standard with zinc coated accessories and phosphatized welding plates, while steel parts of Series C clamps are uncoated. Parker also offers a variety of clamp materials, including polypropylene for temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, polyamide and rubber for up to 120 C, and aluminum for up to 300 C.

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