Fontana CA

Fontana CA’s motto is “City of Action.” Today this holds true, but in the first few decades of the city’s existence, when the surrounding area was essentially rural, this motto may not have seemed quite so appropriate. Things changed around WWII, when a large steel mill was built in Fontana CA. Today the city is an important hub for the trucking industry, which transports goods made by local small manufacturers as well as products being distributed among major national retail chains. If you work in manufacturing, construction, or any other number of industrial fields in Fontana CA, you probably rely on hydraulic equipment for your livelihood. If your hydraulic equipment doesn’t perform its best, your business will suffer. Fortunately, you can always turn to Bernell Hydraulics whenever you need help. We provide expert hydraulic repairs, service, and maintenance, as well as high-quality hydraulic parts from trusted name brands like Parker.

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