Parker Hydraulic Filters in El Monte CA

Protect your hydraulic equipment with quality Parker hydraulic filters in El Monte CA

Parker Hydraulic Filters

Your filters should never be an afterthought. They should be selected with as much care as any other part of your system, because without good filters, your fluid will get contaminated faster and you are more likely to end up with serious damage to your valves, cylinders, and other parts of your system that cannot tolerate contamination. When you choose Parker hydraulic filters in El Monte CA, you can rest assured knowing your system is getting excellent protection from contamination.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Filters in El Monte CA

Considering Parker is a leader in hydraulic parts and equipment, it’s no surprise that they have recognized the importance of filters with an extensive line of products for just about every operational scenario imaginable. You can turn to Bernell Hydraulics for factory-certified Parker hydraulic filters in El Monte CA. We have all kinds of filters in stock and we can access Parker’s entire line by special order:

  • Low pressure filters
    • Suction/Return filters
    • Tank top filters
    • Tank top return line filters
    • Spin-on filters
  • Medium pressure filters
    • In-line filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Spin-on filters
  • High pressure in-line filters
    • Manifold filters
    • Reverse flow filters
    • Duplex filters
    • Servosaver series filters

Filters and Fluids

The cleaner your fluids are when you install a new filter, the longer the filter will last. At Bernell Hydraulics, we can analyze your fluids and recommend replacement when needed. We can even perform a power flush if your hydraulic system is already pretty contaminated. We may suggest switching fluids to a product like Parker’s DuraClean hydraulic oil, which will deliver improved protection and longer oil life. Then we will carefully refill the system with fresh fluids and install your new Parker hydraulic filters in El Monte CA, which should help support the best possible performance from your hydraulic equipment.

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