El Monte CA

Contrary to what you might think, El Monte CA isn’t actually located on a mountain. Instead, this city, named “The Mountain” in Spanish, lies in a fertile valley at the end of the Santa Fe Trail. Considering that the Santa Fe Trail originated in Kansas City, travelers journeying the entire length of the trail were certainly happy to reach the end, even if old west El Monte did have its share of Indian raids, bandits, and knife fights to contend with. By the 1930s, El Monte CA was well on its way to being a suburban community, and in the 1950s it became famous as the home of the El Monte Legion Stadium where all the LA area rock and roll shows took place. No matter what type of hydraulic equipment you may be working with in El Monte CA, Bernell Hydraulics has the parts and components you need. Feel free to stop by one of our shops, place an order by phone, or browse our online catalog for authentic parts from quality name brands like Parker, Lion, and more.

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