Oilgear High Pressure Pumps in Downey CA

For reliable and efficient performance, choose Oilgear high pressure pumps in Downey CA

Oilgear High Pressure Pumps in Downey CADo you run high pressure hydraulic equipment at your business? Not all brands of hydraulic parts have what it takes to meet such demanding conditions. Oilgear’s experience in high pressure hydraulic products dates back to 1921. Needless to say, after nearly 100 years of design and testing Oilgear has developed high pressure parts you can really rely on.

Benefits of Oilgear High Pressure Pumps in Downey CA

When you choose Oilgear high pressure pumps in Downey CA, you get the very definition of a high performance part with an amazingly low total cost of ownership. Depending on which model of high pressure check valve pump you choose, you can enjoy peak operating pressures of up to 1000 Bar or 14500 psi plus:

  • Positively seated valves for high efficiency
  • Hardened steel pistons for high speed operation
  • Lightweight yet rugged poppet construction for long life
  • Cartridge construction for easy maintenance
  • Foot or face mounting options

Why Shop at Bernell Hydraulics

Bernell Hydraulics has been providing top-quality hydraulic components and services since 1977. Obviously we are doing something right! Here are some of the top reasons you should source your new Oilgear high pressure pumps in Downey CA from us:

Wide Selection of Pumps and Accessories: Obviously, if you don’t have the right hoses and valves, your Oilgear high pressure pumps in Downey CA aren’t going to be much use. Fortunately, we have a complete supply of high pressure components for you to choose from.

Excellent Customer Service: Our experienced staff members are ready to provide all the help you need selecting the right Oilgear high pressure pumps in Downey CA for your specific application. If you have a question that stumps them, they will not hesitate to get the necessary info direct from Oilgear.

Multiple Ways to Get Your Parts: For your convenience, we offer 3 ways to fulfill your order. You can pick up your part at one of our stores, have it dropped off at your work site if you are in our local area, or have it shipped to you anywhere in the US.

Repair and Maintenance Services: We don’t abandon you once you’ve bought your Oilgear high pressure pumps in Downey CA. We can also provide installation, maintenance, and even repairs for your pumps and other components if needed.


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