Corona CA

Corona CA’s seal features a ripe orange and a golden crown, in reference to two important things that influenced the development of this city’s identity. Having been founded during the late 1880s citrus boom, Corona CA was an important producer of oranges and lemons for many years. The word corona means crown in Spanish and refers to the layout of the city center, which is enclosed by a ring road. While a citrus heritage is par for the course in southern California, the circular design does make Corona CA unique. However, beyond the city center streets return to the traditional grids common throughout America. If you’re involved in new development in Corona CA, you probably rely on hydraulic equipment on a daily basis. When your equipment breaks down or starts suffering from performance issues, you can turn to Bernell Hydraulics. We provide expert hydraulic repairs, service, and maintenance, as well as high-quality hydraulic parts from trusted name brands like Parker.

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