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Industrial Hoses

Are your industrial hoses in Chino Hills CA in need of replacement? Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected hose failure, a fitting leak, or just need to replace aging hoses, the experts at Bernell Hydraulics can help. Because we stock such a huge selection of industrial hoses, we can offer you fast replacements for most generic hoses. What we don’t have in stock we can special order or even custom fabricate in our shop. Come pick up a new version of your existing hose or let us introduce you to some different models that may perform better.
Our expert staff members are ready and willing to help you find industrial hoses that meet all of your requirements regarding:

  • Hose diameter
  • Temperature rating
  • Pressure capacity
  • Type of fluid to be conveyed
  • Hose materials
  • Chemical and abrasion resistances
  • Hose fittings
  • Hose configurations

Hose Analysis and Maintenance

Industrial hoses are an extremely important part of any hydraulic system, but unfortunately they are also a very likely point of problems. Hoses simply wear out faster than the metal parts that surround them. By choosing the best industrial hoses in Chino Hills CA for your unique application, you can extend the life of your hoses and get more for your money. Getting an expert hose and system analysis from one of our technicians is a very good idea, because we can often suggest improvements that will enable you to get better performance from your equipment. For example, we might be able to suggest a hose with a higher temperature rating if your system typically runs hotter than it should. Or we might see that a simpler, more efficient hose assembly would reduce the amount of hose required in the system and reduce exposure to things like abrasion.

Custom Industrial Hoses in Chino Hills CA

Hose BuilderIn order to fit generic hoses into your hydraulic system, you will have to cut and crimp them and then make sure you have the right Which would you rather do: use hoses that aren’t quite right for your system and require frequent replacement, or invest in high-quality, custom industrial hoses in Chino Hills CA that may cost more up front but will last a whole lot longer? If you choose the custom route, you can get the exact hoses you need from Bernell Hydraulics. We can cut and crimp hoses right in our shop. You can trust our skilled technicians to do excellent work and provide you with long-lasting, durable hoses that will perform better than generic hoses.

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