Hydro Electric Gates in Chino Hills CA

Get better control of your hydro electric gates in Chino Hills CA with parts from our authorized ParkerStore.

Hydro Electric Gates in Chino Hills CAAre you looking for hydraulic cylinders for gate actuation and governor control? You could choose a cylinder with traditional positioning technology like magnetostrictive sensors or laser gauges. Unfortunately, these technologies leave a lot to be desired in terms of performance and ease of repair.

There is a better way to control your hydro electric gates in Chino Hills CA…

…Use an Intellinder cylinder.

The Intellinder cylinder is specifically designed by Parker for use with hydro electric gates in Chino Hills CA, and offers many benefits over traditional cylinder positioning technology:

  • Easy installation: Because the sensor has an exterior mount, it’s easy to install–and easy to remove if the cylinder needs replacement or repair.
  • Absolute positioning: While most gate actuation technologies provide relative positioning, the Intellinder sensor provides absolute measurements for high-precision control.
  • Durable construction: Whether you have a side load or axial load, whether the environment is hot or cold, clean or dirty, still or shaking with vibrations, the Intellinder technology will perform beautifully.
  • Reliable performance: Each sensor is highly reliable on its own and will even report back on its own health. However, for maximum peace of mind that your hydro electric gates in Chino Hills CA will always be working perfectly, you can simply add multiple non-contacting sensors as a redundancy.

Need More Components for Your Hydro Electric Gates in Chino Hills CA?

While the sensors give you the control you need, you may still need other hydraulic components to create the power for operating your hydro electric gates in Chino Hills CA. Whether you need to order a factory component or commission a custom one, we can help.

Why Shop with Bernell Hydraulics

The Intellinder cylinder is a very high-quality item. Naturally you don’t want to accept any substitutions, so you need to shop with an authorized Parker parts distributor like Bernell Hydraulics. That way you know you are getting factory-certified Parker parts that will perform up to the high standard you expect from this industry-leading manufacturer.

But no matter what brand of hydraulic components you may need for your hydro electric gates in Chino Hills CA, you can benefit from Bernell Hydraulics’ dedication to excellence in customer service. You can easily get your parts by visiting one of our stores, or by ordering by phone or online and having us deliver or ship the parts to you.

If you would like learn more about Intellinder cylinders and other Parker parts, feel free to call us at 909-899-1751.

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