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Get superior performance & control with Parker hydraulic valves in Anaheim CA

Hydraulic ValvesWithout the right valves, it’s very difficult to maintain the correct fluid levels and fluid pressures in a hydraulic system. You could even develop leaks that could be quite damaging to various hydraulic components. For those who want to choose their valves carefully, Parker hydraulic valves in Anaheim CA present a wide variety of options, all of which are backed by superior design and engineering.

Our Selection of Parker Hydraulic Valves in Anaheim CA

As an authorized distributor of Parker hydraulic valves in Anaheim CA with three ParkerStore locations, Bernell Hydraulics is your best resource for authentic Parker valves. We will help you find the best valve model and design for your hydraulic application. Our inventory includes:

  • Electrohydraulic valves
    • Servovalves
    • Proportional directional control valves
    • Proportional pressure control valves
  • Industrial valves
    • Ball valves
    • Check valves
    • Needle valves
    • Flow control valves
    • Pressure control valves
    • Sandwich valves
    • Air, cam, lever, oil, or solenoid directional control valves
    • In-line or manifold mounted valves
  • Mobile valves
    • Flow dividers
    • Relief valves
    • Pilot operated check valves
    • Direct acting valves
    • Port diversion valves
    • Pre- and Post-compensated load-sensing valves
    • Remote control hydraulic valves

Why Buy Parker

Over the years, Parker has come out with some truly innovative hydraulic valves. Their Colorflow valves are particularly well known. These innovative valves feature a unique color-coded checkpoint system right on the valves themselves, which enables the operators of hydraulic equipment to make flow adjustments with great precision while out in the field. In addition to the Colorflow valves, Parker also makes a broad range of mobile, industrial, and electrohydraulic valves for all kinds of equipment and applications.

Why Buy from Bernell Hydraulics

If you need help selecting your new Parker hydraulic valves in Anaheim CA, you can turn to the expert staff of Bernell Hydraulics for assistance. We have been in business for over 30 years, and we’ve become quite familiar with Parker’s many exciting valve offerings during that time. We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for on our shelves or in the Parker catalogue.

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