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If you own or operate hydraulic equipment, you are no doubt quite familiar with the vulnerabilities of hydraulic hoses. Hoses often fail before other parts of the equipment, simply because they are made of less durable rubbers and plastics rather than metal. Even with all possible precautions taken, you will still need to replace your hoses frequently. When that happens, come to Bernell Hydraulics to take advantage of our extensive inventory of hydraulic hoses in Anaheim CA:

  • Hydraulic HosesRubber hydraulic hose
  • Thermoplastic hydraulic hose
  • Constant working pressure hose
  • Push-Lok hose
  • Phosphate Ester hose
  • Transportation hose
  • Suction and return hose
  • Refrigeration hose
  • Fuel and gas hose

In addition to the hoses in stock in our three stores, we can also access tons more hoses through special orders and our custom hose assembly service. Custom hose assemblies may be needed for custom hydraulic systems, as well as to improve the performance of standard systems.

Choosing Your Hydraulic Hoses

Hose BuilderWhile you do need to follow the original manufacturer’s guidelines when choosing hydraulic hoses in Anaheim CA for your equipment, you have a lot of leeway within those guidelines to choose various brands or types of hoses. Because we carry so many different hoses, we will probably have multiple hoses that will meet your system’s requirements regarding temperature, pressure, and diameter. You may be able to choose from brands like Parker, Eaton, and Waterman. Be sure to let us know if your system is really hard on hoses, and we’ll show you hoses with high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and oil. For example, Parker’s Super Tough Cover hoses offer 450 times the abrasion resistance of a generic hose. Improper hose fittings and awkward hose configurations are responsible for many hose failures, and we can help improve those too.

Emergency Help with Hydraulic Hoses in Anaheim CA

When a hose fails, your hydraulic system fails. At Bernell Hydraulics, we know that time is money when it comes to most projects that require hydraulic equipment. That’s why we offer 24-hour repair and replacement for all types of hydraulic hoses in Anaheim CA.

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