Parker Hydraulic Cylinders in Alhambra CA

Improve your equipment’s performance with Parker hydraulic cylinders in Alhambra CA

Parker CylinderHydraulic cylinders are a vital part of your hydraulic system, because they harness the mechanical power built up in the pressurized hydraulic fluids and use it to complete whatever action your equipment is designed to do. If your cylinder seals leak and pressurized fluid escapes, your equipment performance will suffer. If you have had repeated cylinder failures, a knowledgeable technician from Bernell Hydraulics can help you figure out why and recommend new Parker hydraulic cylinders in Alhambra CA that should perform better for you.

Types of Parker Hydraulic Cylinders in Alhambra CA

Parker offers a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial machinery. Whether you need a heavy-duty cylinder with high pressure capacity or a basic mobile cylinder for light equipment, Parker hydraulic cylinders in Alhambra CA have got you covered with tons of cylinder sizes and pressure ratings in the following broad categories:

  • Compact hydraulic cylinders
  • MH mill type hydraulic cylinders
  • Tie rod hydraulic cylinders
  • Electro hydraulic cylinders
  • ISO hydraulic cylinders
  • Stainless steel hydraulic cylinders
  • Single- or double-acting telescopic cylinders
  • Piston rod cylinders
  • Interchangeable mobile cylinder parts for creating your own cylinder

Parker Zero Leak Sealing Technology

As a leader in core motion and control technology, Parker has been making high-quality, expertly engineered hydraulic components since 1918. Parker’s hydraulic cylinders have not escaped the company’s innovative spirit and rigorous eye for detail. One special innovation Parker has made on their line of piston rod cylinders is their Zero Leak technology. Through the use of special seals and materials, Parker has made these cylinders leak-free even in dry rod conditions.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

If you can’t find the Parker hydraulic cylinders in Alhambra CA you’re looking for in our ParkerStores, you can always ask us to place a special order. If you can’t find what you need in the product catalog either, we can create a custom cylinder designed and built to your exact specifications.

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