Parker Hydraulic Valves

Enjoy innovative features & improved control with Parker hydraulic valves


At Bernell Hydraulics, we carry a wide variety of Parker hydraulic valves for all your mobile and industrial applications. Just let us know what you need, and we will help you find it. If we don’t have your valve in stock, we can order it for you straight from Parker.

Parker Colorflow Valves

One of the most interesting types of valves offered by Parker is their Colorflow line of flow control valves. These valves allow for full flow in one direction and precise gradations of flow control or shut off in the other direction. The major innovation of the Colorflow valves is their color-band reference scale. This scale is included on the stem of each valve, and it permits users to quickly and easily set the valve opening with great precision. Three turns of the easy-to-grasp knob provide a nice range of fine adjustments, while three more turns opens the valve completely and also provides throttling adjustments. Once the valve is in the desired position it can be locked into place with a set screw, or an optional tamperproof feature can be activated.

Parker Colorflow valves come in various sizes of brass, steel, and stainless steel to accommodate pressures from 500 to 5000 PSI.

Why Choose Parker Hydraulic Valves

Parker has a long history of innovation in the hydraulic parts design, engineering, and manufacturing business. They are definitely a brand name that you can trust to provide parts that will work right the first time. Rigorous quality control at every step of the design and manufacturing process virtually guarantees this. If you want long life and superior performance from your hydraulic valves, Parker hydraulic valves are often your best bet. Parker valves are designed to work well with other manufacturers’ parts, so you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality Parker hydraulic valves without having to convert your whole system to Parker.

Why Buy from Bernell Hydraulics

As an authorized Parker parts distributor, Bernell Hydraulics has access to factory-certified valves and other parts. Plus, we have the years of experience in the hydraulics parts and service business needed to provide you with outstanding customer service. You can come to one of our three ParkerStores to pick up your valves, or have one of our mobile technicians bring the valves right to your work site and install them in your hydraulic system for you. While we’re at it, we can also inspect your system and identify any other parts that may need replacing.

Posted on May 15, 2013
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