Parker Hydraulic Valves: Quality Technology for Any Hydraulic Application

Whether you have mobile, industrial, or agricultural equipment, Parker has a hydraulic valve for you

Parker is a trusted name in hydraulics, and for good reason. This innovative company has been engineering solutions for core motion control since 1918, and they now have a rich product line including hydraulic valves for just about any application imaginable. This excellent selection of Parker hydraulic valves for every application means it’s easy to source your parts from one company and from one catalog. Parker’s hydraulic valve offerings can be grouped into three main categories: electrohydraulic, industrial, and mobile valves.

Electrohydraulic Valves From Parker

Electrohydraulic ValveParker manufactures a wide variety of valves for electrohydraulic applications which utilize solenoid valves as an interface between electronic control signals and hydraulic power components such as electromagnetic torque motors. Proportional directional control and proportional pressure control valves, as well as servovalves that help maintain force, velocity, and position, are also available. Parker’s valves are designed to be compatible with a wide range of systems and can often replace competitors’ parts perfectly. Electrohydraulic valves offer improved precision and control when compared to standard hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Industrial Valves From Parker

Parker’s offerings for industrial applications include plenty of ball and needle valves, as well as the popular poppet-controlled Colorflow valves. These control valves are unique because they feature convenient color-coded checkpoints on the valve, allowing valve opening settings to be established quickly and accurately on a purely visual basis. They’re easy to adjust and readjust, and the poppet closing mechanisms eliminate the wobble you typically see in ball valves. Poppets also tend to wear better than ball valves. Parker’s industrial valves can be found in all sorts of settings, from vital infrastructure components like irrigation and water control systems to commercial enterprises like oil rigs.

Mobile Valves From Parker

Because mobile valves are used in equipment that gets banged around a lot, they must be sturdy and well-made. Parker hydraulic valves definitely meet these criteria. They undergo rigorous testing, to ensure that the designs will stand up to the demands put upon them and perform well in the dirty, dusty, shock-filled world of mobile industrial applications. Parker manufactures mobile directional control valves (including open-center, load-sense, and unidirectional control valves), ball valves, check valves, flow valves, and pressure control valves for equipment including mobile drill rigs, forklifts, harvesting heads, truck-mounted cranes, wheel loaders, backhoes, skip loaders, snow plows, and other big trucks and heavy machinery.

Next time you need hydraulic equipment for industrial or mobile applications, remember the name Parker for one-stop shopping for all your parts needs.

Whether you have mobile, industrial, or agricultural equipment, Parker has a hydraulic valve for you

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