Parker Hannifin Tests CNG Hydraulic Hybrid Trucks

Using CNG to fuel hydraulic hybrid trucks can deliver even greater energy savings.

CNG Hydraulic HybridHydraulic hybrid technology has been around for years. It enables large vehicles like garbage trucks, delivery trucks, and buses to capture the kinetic energy produced by their own braking system via a hydraulic pump and reservoir system. This energy can then be released to help turn the drive shaft. These types of systems can cut emissions by 40 percent compared to traditional truck designs, while also improving overall fuel efficiency.

Traditionally, hydraulic components have been paired with gas or diesel engines in hybrid systems. Now, however, Parker Hannifin has developed a new system that uses Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) instead of gasoline for even greater reductions in costs and emissions. This new RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System also introduces the innovation of capturing energy not only from the brakes, but also from the engine.

Waste collection trucks using the RunWise system have been manufacturer by Autocar LLC and tested extensively in locations from Miami-Dade County, FL to Chula Vista, CA. After over a million miles of testing, Parker reports that that the RunWise system is delivering significant improvements in fuel consumption and emissions. The system is also very reliable with 99 percent up time.

Most recently, Parker conducted a month-long demonstration in Chula Vista CA where a RunWise truck took over a traditional CNG truck’s route. The following results were noted:

  • 50 percent reduction in fuel consumption
  • Up to 20 percent incremental fuel savings
  • 10 percent productivity improvement

Parker also reported that drivers appreciate that the system offers improved responsiveness, smoother shifting, and less noise. Plus, the company expects these CNG hydraulic hybrid vehicles to experience less brake wear which will help reduce service and maintenance costs. Parker plans to continue to work on the RunWise system with the goal of creating a commercialized version of the technology soon.

Bernell Hydraulics is proud to be an authorized parts provider for Parker. While we may not be seeing parts for CNG hydraulic hybrid vehicles on the shelves just yet, we do have many other innovative Parker parts that use the latest technology to deliver exceptional efficiency and performance for virtually any kind of hydraulic system. Next time you need certified genuine Parker hydraulic parts, please make Bernell Hydraulics your first phone call. You can come by one of our stores to pick up your parts, have them delivered to your work site if it’s in our local area, or have them shipped anywhere in the world.

Posted on June 16, 2014
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