New Test Developed for Hydraulic Rod Seals

Seal manufacturer offers proof their products offer the best protection for hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic seals are an extremely important part of any hydraulic system. They keep fluids in and contaminants out. Naturally, when purchasing seals you want to have every confidence that you are buying a quality product that will deliver the protect you expect. Unfortunately, seal performance is sometimes hard to measure in a lab.

However, Hallite Seals Americas and the Milwaukee School of Engineering may have just changed this. In a collaborative project, the school and the seals manufacturer have developed a new test method for assessing the amount of dirt entering a simulated hydraulic system through the rod wiper.

Why Is This Test Better?

Previously, there was only one test for rod wipers (the seal that prevents dirt ingression into a hydraulic cylinder). This test, known as SAE J1195, was created in 1993 by the Society of Automotive Engineers International. Unfortunately, this test was lacking in its accounting for two factors: proper boundary lubrication and rod to bore alignment.

The new test improves on these shortcomings and also introduces a new method for measuring oil contamination. Instead of using gravimetric measurement to assess contamination, contaminant particles were counted and ranked by size using a new method.

What Does the Test Involve?

In the test procedure developed by Hallite and the Milwaukee School of Engineering, a hydraulic cylinder is fitted with the seal to be tested and then run the equivalent of 80,000 linear feet inside a dust chamber. A laser monitoring system tracks the level of contamination of the oil inside the cylinder throughout the 24 hour cycle and then produces statistics for comparison analysis.

Why Does It Matter?

Contamination of hydraulic cylinders is a major cause of inefficiency, degradation, and failure of hydraulic systems. By improving our knowledge of the effectiveness of rod wiper seals, this new testing method can help hydraulic equipment operators choose better products that will better protect their cylinders—and their overall equipment performance.

The development of the new test also provided Hallite with the opportunity to back up their claims that their rod wiper seals are among the best on the market. In particular, the company was excited to test their T820 umbrella-design wipers. Testing confirmed that these double-layer seals allowed the least amount of dust ingression compared to two competing market-share leaders.

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Posted on April 30, 2015
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