New Parker Hannifin Cylinder Coating Extends Life of Component

New Parker Hannifin Cylinder Coating Extends Life of Component

Hydraulic equipment does not always operate in climate controlled buildings. In fact, many hydraulic systems are in harsh outdoor environments or difficult industrial settings. This can significantly shorten the life of operational hydraulic components, like actuators and cylinders.

Parker Hannifin Corporation Taking Hydraulic Component Coatings to the Next Level

To keep your hydraulic components operating longer, Parker Hannifin Corporation developed what they are calling Global Shield. It is an advanced cylinder-rod coating that can resist corrosion eight times longer than standard coatings. This coating performs better than typical coatings like electroless nickel, hard chrome, nitride and hard chrome over electroless nickel. When testes against corrosive elements like salt, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, the Global Shield coating lasted up to eight times longer than other coatings.

Advancement of Global Shield Technology

For some time, customers have been demanding corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly coatings. They were tired of the downtime that comes with consistently replacing seals and cylinders due to corrosion in hydraulic components. The Global Shield technology utilizes a sub-micron structure that gets rid of delamination and surface micro-cracks. It even stands up to flexure, and drastically reduces the amount of down time required to replace cylinders and seals. The coating has undergone significant field and lab testing and confirmed leak-free performance after 2,000 hours of salt spray and 1 million cycles.

Advantages of Global Shield

Compared to traditional coatings, Global Shield offers:

  • Improved corrosion resistance as a result of single-layer, dense, submicron structure
  • Ductile and tough so when the rod bends, the coating does too
  • Lower friction
  • Engineered hardness of HRC 54 for improved wear-resistance

As a result of these benefits, fewer cylinder and seal replacements will be required. That means less down time and lower service costs for your operation.

Bernell Hydraulics Has Full Lines of Parker Hydraulic Components

At Bernell Hydraulics, you do not need to worry about quality. We carry full lines of Parker products. Whether you need hoses and valves, or cylinders with Global Shield, Bernell Hydraulics can deliver. You want your hydraulic equipment to have high quality replacement components. It doesn’t get much better than Parker components. If you have other preferences, we also carry full lines of other brands. Whatever you need, Bernell Hydraulics can supply it.

Online & In-Store Access to Inventory

Those living in the Inland Empire area of Southern California will love the easy access they have to quality hydraulic components. Our four conveniently located retail stores throughout Southern California carry full lines of Parker components. If you are looking for quality hydraulic parts that last longer than the competition, look no further. For those that can’t make it to our retail stores, we also offer full lines of hydraulic components in our online store. Visit us online at Bernell Hydraulics to check out our inventory. With nationwide shipping, you’ll always have access to high quality, affordable hydraulic components.

Posted on March 13, 2018
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