New Hydraulic Fluid Offers Operators More Options for Preventing Fires

Quaker Chemical Corp. adds new water-glycol formula to its hydraulic fluid offerings

Hydraulic fluidIn many industrial applications, your average mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid does not provide adequate protection against the risk of fire. If hydraulic equipment using flammable fluid or oil springs a leak within the pressurized portion of the system, an extremely dangerous mist can spray out. This mist is extremely likely to ignite, and because many types of hydraulic fluid have a higher ignition temperature than your average flammable liquid, the resulting fire will burn extremely hot and long. In order to avoid such a scenario, fire-resistant fluids must be utilized.

New Fluid from Quaker

Quaker Chemical Corp. recently announced the introduction of a new water-glycol fluid to its line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. The new fluid, called Quintolubric 702-46 RD, contains special additives designed to help prevent corrosion, inhibit bacterial growth within the fluid, and extend component life. This fluid offers excellent fire resistance with minimal foaming and a high viscosity index. It is recommended for hydraulic systems that operate under high pressure or are prone to overloading. According to Quaker’s global product manager for fluid power, this new product represents the final piece in their Quintolubric product line, which contains fluids designed to meet many different industry needs.

Could Quintolubric Have Prevented Cement Plant Fire?

On January 14, firefighters in Apple Valley CA responded to a report of a structure fire burning inside the CEMEX Black Mountain Quarry Plant. The fire was caused by a fluid leak in a piece of hydraulic equipment used inside the cement plant’s processing structure. Fortunately, the fire was confined to one room, and firefighters were able to begin controlling it immediately using about 40 large fire extinguishers, which they emptied into the room through portholes in the door. Water and foam were also used to control and then extinguish the fire in a two-hour-long battle. Thanks to the hard work of the fire department, a fire which initially threatened a $5 million structure was ultimately limited to doing $500,000 worth of damage. It is not known at this time what kind of hydraulic fluid was used in the equipment that caused the fire, but it is reasonable to speculate that a product with stronger fire-resistant properties could have led to a different outcome.

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