Need Parts for Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles?

Bernell Hydraulics can handle big orders for operators of HHV fleets

Need PartsHydraulic hybrid technology is becoming increasingly popular for large, heavy duty vehicles like trucks and buses. This technology offers many important advantages over standard gas-powered vehicles as well as other types of hybrid technology:

Clean: Hydraulic hybrid vehicles (HHV) release 40 percent less emissions than comparable gas-powered vehicles.

Efficient: Fuel efficiency can be improved from about 60 percent to 100 percent using HHV technology.

Readily Available: The technology and infrastructure required to manufacture and distribute the special parts needed to create HHVs is already in place in America.

Cost-Effective: HHV technology not only saves fleet operators tons of money on fuel, it also reduces maintenance costs by reducing wear and tear on brake systems. Plus, because HHV parts are easy to manufacture and readily available they do not add any extra costs to the equation.

Of course, in order to get the most energy and dollar savings from a hybrid hydraulic fleet, you need to ensure you are sourcing quality hydraulic parts at a great price. That’s where Bernell Hydraulics comes in.

We Sell Factory-Certified Parts

When you buy from Bernell Hydraulics, you can rest assured you are getting high-quality parts from respected manufacturers. We are actually an authorized dealer for Parker hydraulic parts, which means that all of our Parker parts are guaranteed to be authentic and perform up to the high standards you expect from Parker. We have a complete range of hydraulic parts to choose from, including everything you might need for a hydraulic hybrid vehicle, like pumps, reservoirs, hoses, and connectors.

We Handle Bulk Orders

Depending on how large your fleet is, it may be more efficient for you to maintain your own parts inventory rather than relying on just-in-time parts ordering practices. This way, you know you will always have parts on hand when urgent repairs are needed. At Bernell Hydraulics, we can handle large orders with ease to help you create and maintain your parts stockpile.

We Ship Anywhere in the US

We have three convenient locations for customers in southern California to visit us in person, but we also serve customers around the country. We accept orders through our online store as well as by phone, and we can ship your parts directly to your fleet headquarters in a timely manner. Our prices are very reasonable especially if you buy in bulk and have all items shipped together.


Posted on April 25, 2014
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