Natural Gas is Powering Hydraulic Equipment in Oil Fields

Natural Gas is Powering Hydraulic Equipment in Oil Fields

Working in the oil fields has often been known as a messy, dirty job. While this is still true, efforts are being made to change and approve the industry. One of the major changes that have come about in the recent years is the inclusion of natural gas to power hydraulic fracturing engines.

While most engines used in hydraulic fracturing systems in oil fields are run on diesel, in recent years there has been a shift towards natural gas. These system conversions can be done by converting drilling rigs from diesel to a system that allows for the usage of natural gas. One company, American Power Group, has seen their orders for natural gas conversions increase recently.  Currently, the technology offered by American Power Group provides dual fuel technology, which means that you can switch between diesel and natural gas, but efforts are being taken to shift systems to 100% natural gas use.

The reason for the shift, is that natural gas has economic and environmental advantages. Natural gas is often cheaper than diesel, meaning lower operating costs for the rigs. Additionally, natural gas has lower greenhouse gas emissions, which is becoming a large factor in today’s regulatory environment.

While most oil field rigs are still run on diesel, the shift in tides is obvious. With an estimated 40% reduction in fuel costs, it is too hard to ignore the benefits of using natural gas in hydraulic fracturing systems. There is a slight learning curve by switching over fuel sources, but that is why it is important to have a quality hydraulic service provider that understands these systems inside and out.

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Posted on May 17, 2017
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