MB Crusher Offering Mobile Hydraulic Powered Jaw Crushers

MB Crusher Offering Mobile Hydraulic Powered Jaw Crushers

Hydraulic equipment is used in so many different applications. There are hydraulic pumps and equipment used in the aerospace industry, and amusement parks across the country rely heavily on hydraulic equipment to keep their rides exciting and safe. Other industries that relies on hydraulic machinery are the construction and mining industries. There are several companies that tailor specifically to these industries, which often need to break through dense objects, move tons of earth, or lift steel beams hundreds of feet in the air.

One such company is MB Crusher. Headquartered in Italy, MB Crusher has operations in France, America, Brazil, Japan, Germany, India and China. This company offers an impressive product line of mobile jaw crushers, 360 degree rotation grapples, and dual head drum cutters. Over 16,000 MB Crusher products have been sold throughout 150 countries. These hydraulic attachments are used in many industries, but the jaw crushers are highly regarded in the mining industry.

MB Crusher currently offers the BF150, which weights over 23,000 pounds and is the largest crushing attachment in the entire world. This hydraulic attachment is used to crush rocks in quarry and mining applications, but that’s not all it does. The attachment can also hollow core walls, and increase field productivity.

What sets these mobile jaw crushers apart from the rest is the unique construction that enables them to have a low center of gravity, which provides more stability to the excavator, while also reducing vibrations. Their attachments are said to be easy to maintain, but what do you do when the equipment finally fails?

Inevitably, even the best built hydraulic equipment fails, so it is important to be prepared for when your machinery malfunctions. Often the equipment is complex, which means that you will need to bring in some professionals to help get it back up at running. Do you have a hydraulic diagnostic and repair company on speed dial? If not, you should definitely think about adding 909-899-1751 to your contact list if you operate in Southern California.

Bernell Hydraulics Can Supply You Quality Hydraulic Service

If you currently own and operate your own hydraulic machinery, whether it is provided by a company like Mb Crusher, or a custom built system, Bernell Hydraulics can help you keep it operating smoothly. No one likes down time on a job site because lost time often means lost money. At Bernell Hydraulics, we carry full lines of in-stock quality hydraulic components, and offer hydraulic diagnostic, repair and maintenance services. We have on-call technicians 24/7, so whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

Give our office a call today at 909-899-1751, or visit one of our four locations throughout Southern California to learn more about what we can do for you. You can also visit our comprehensive website at Bernell Hydrualics. We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted on May 3, 2017
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