Make Sure You Choose the Right Industrial Hoses

Make Sure You Choose the Right Industrial HosesChoosing the right industrial hoses is essential. They need to meet your needs and last for years, but choosing the wrong hose can lead to major problems, including slowdowns in your productivity.

So how can you make sure you are choosing the right industrial hoses? Keep reading to find out…

How to Choose the Right Industrial Hoses

Know What Diameter You Need

Choosing the right diameter for your industrial hose is one of the first steps you should take. Having the right diameter to accommodate the fluid in your machinery will make a big difference in overall performance. It should be large enough to handle your needs, but not too large that is doesn’t fit properly. You can find diameter information in the “dash number,” a number that will differentiate different hoses. If you are replacing an old or broken hose, you can always look at the dash number to help determine what diameter you need.

What is the Maximum Temperature Requirements?

Hoses have to go through a lot of abuse, and withstanding the temperatures of the hydraulic fluid, as well as the weather outside, is vital to the long-term performance of your hoses. Each hose will have different temperature capabilities, so make sure you know your system and find a hose that can stand up to the temperature you will put it through. Different hoses will have different limits on heat exposure, and choosing the wrong hose can be a major problem. Always take the time to understand your requirements, then find the hose that will withstand the heat.

Understand the Inner Tube’s Materials

Many hoses, including most hydraulic hoses, are made of multiple tubes. The inner tube is often the most important, as it will be directly exposed to the hydraulic fluid in your system. The inner tube should be compatible with the type of fluid in your system, holding up against the heat and long-term use. If you have the right inner tube in your industrial hoses, you will be able to get more use from your hose and have a hydraulic system that operates the way you expect.

Remember the STAMPED System

To understand a hose’s overall performance capabilities, take into account the STAMPED system, an easy-to-remember acronym that lays out the different factors for choosing industrial hoses. This will help you have a complete picture of what your hydraulic system needs and what you should look for in your hoses.

STAMPED stands for:

Size: What is the size of the hose?
Temperature: What are the temperature limits?
Application: How can the hose be used?
Material: What material is it made from?
Pressure: How much pressure can it withstand?
Ends or couplings: What ends or couplings can be fitted to this hose?
Delivery or volume: Will this hose meet the volume needs?

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Posted on August 17, 2015
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