Leading Hydraulic Parts Manufacturer Designs Robotic Exoskeleton

Parker Hannifin Corporation is a trusted provider of parts for medical and hydraulic applications

Hydraulic Parts ExoskeletonParker Hannifin Corporation has long been considered one of the top companies in the world in hydraulic parts manufacture, design, and engineering. Parker has many innovations to its credit, from unique user-friendly Colorflow hydraulic valves to highly reliable Parker Torqmotors. What many hydraulic equipment operators may not know is that Parker is also highly regarded in the field of medical technology. Recently, one of their projects made headlines.

Indego Exoskeleton Enters Clinical Trials

Earlier this month Parker announced agreements with four of the most prestigious rehabilitation centers in America to conduct clinical trials of the new Indego exoskeleton. Indego is a robotic exoskeleton designed to restore mobility to paraplegics. With Indego, Parker hopes to allow patients who were told they’d never walk again to stand, walk, and achieve a greater degree of independence and freedom of mobility.

Parker’s goal is for Indego to be not just a science project but a useful and accessible tool that can enrich ordinary people’s lives. The plan is to have Indego become the first powered orthotic device to achieve FDA approval. Parker has been collaborating with the FDA to make sure the clinical trials are designed and conducted in such a way as will present the evidence necessary for the FDA to make an intelligent assessment of the device.

Indego is available as an investigational device at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange NJ, Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center, and Craig Hospital in Denver. Requests from additional institutions will be considered when the clinical trials begin in July 2014.

Improving Human Lives and Hydraulic Equipment

Parker’s motion control technologies truly do affect many different aspects of our lives. From products like the Indego exoskeleton to parts for hydraulic equipment, Parker is synonymous with innovation and reliability, two terms that often seem irreconcilable. The next time you need to source authentic Parker hydraulic parts for your hydraulic equipment, contact Bernell Hydraulics. We’ll an authorized distributor for Parker and we can help you get the certified Parker components you need. We’ll ship the parts or deliver them to you if you’re in our local area. We’ll even install them for you if you’d like. Contact us today to learn more about how Parker parts can improve your equipment performance.

Posted on March 27, 2014
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