Key Parker Hydraulic Parts in Los Angeles CA Hydraulic Systems

Don’t trust your key hydraulic parts in Los Angeles CA to anyone but Parker

Hydraulic systems utilize pressurized fluids to create power and torque. In any such system, there are a few key components that absolutely must function properly in order to deliver power to your motor. Here are those key Parker hydraulic parts for Los Angeles CA-based hydraulic projects.


Hydraulic-ReservoirHydraulic reservoirs hold the fluid that flows through the hydraulic system, and are also used to cool the fluid after it has flowed past hot moving parts. Because fluid balance is so important in hydraulic systems, choosing the correct reservoir size is vital. When filled properly, the reservoir will contain just enough fluid to operate the system and compensate for minor losses to evaporation or leaks. Most reservoirs are vented, with atmospheric pressure and gravity driving the flow of liquid into the hydraulic pump, except for ones intended for aerospace, which must be sealed and pressurized.


The pump is arguably one of the most important Parker hydraulic parts in Los Angeles CA hydraulic equipment. It is used to control fluid flow, creating a pressurized buildup of fluid that can be turned back into mechanical energy and used to power other parts of the system. In rare cases, the pump can be operated by hand. Typically, this would only occur in an emergency situation. Most of the time, the pump will run off of a power source such as a battery or gasoline motor. Pumps come in four basic varieties: gear, vane, piston, and diaphragm. They may deliver constant pressure or else be regulated with a pressure control valve.


The accumulator is where the hydraulic power generated by the pump’s pressurizing action gets stored. Accumulators can be used to dampen the effect of sudden surges in the hydraulic system, and also as a means of compensating for increased power demands during peak use. In other words, when the system demands more power than the pump alone can supply, pressurized fluid from the accumulator is released to help make up the difference.


Grains of dirt that become entrapped in the hydraulic fluid have the potential to damage the system to the point where it actually fails. In order to screen out any dirt particles or other contaminants, filters must be installed. Typically these filters can be found in the lines between the reservoir and the pump.


Hoses connect all the parts and enable the flow of fluid between them. Because hoses contain rubber and are exposed to heat and friction, they tend to be the one of the first Parker hydraulic parts in Los Angeles CA systems to fail. So don’t neglect to inspect your hoses frequently and replace as needed!

Posted on January 3, 2013
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