How to Keep Hydraulic Equipment Running Smoothly In Extreme Cold

How to Keep Hydraulic Equipment Running Smoothly In Extreme Cold

Do you remember that massive nor’easter storm that riddled the east coast just a few short weeks ago? Schools were closed, states of emergencies were announced by Governors, and some areas saw more than two feet of snow dumped on them in less than 48 hours. Not to mention the frigid temperatures and blistering winds that only added to the blizzard conditions. Well, even during those tumultuous weather conditions, there was still a need to operate hydraulic equipment.

If you are operating hydraulic machinery in extreme cold condition, here are a few tips to keep your equipment running smoothly:

  1. Check Oil Levels

  2. Oil is the lubricant that keeps your hydraulic equipment running smoothly no matter what weather conditions you find yourself in. However, you need to make sure that the oil levels are correct and that oil is actually fluid enough to move throughout the machine. That means pulling out the dipsticks to check fluidity. If the oil drips from the stick, it will be fluid enough to operate your equipment.

  3. Inspect Rubber Hydraulic Components

  4. Rubber components are the most vulnerable in extreme cold situations, because it is prone to cracking and tearing under sub-freezing temperatures. Before you start the engine, be sure that you inspect the hoses, valves and other rubber components to ensure that there are no cracks or tears. When operating in colder temperatures, it is always a good idea to have extra hoses and fittings in stock to decrease downtime.

  5. Give Equipment Time to Warm Up

  6. Just like your muscles, your hydraulic equipment will also need a bit of time to warm up. If you run the equipment cold can result in damaging the rubber and plastic components. It is important to allow the oil in the engine time to warm up so it can reach a level of fluidity that is appropriate. As a good habit, it’s a good idea to throttle the engine while activating the hydraulic attachment for a few seconds before releasing. If you do this a few times, your equipment should be good to go.

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Posted on March 30, 2017
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