Is It Bad For Hydraulic Systems to Get Too Much Sun Exposure?

Is It Bad For Hydraulic Systems to Get Too Much Sun Exposure?

Although it’s only April, if you think about it, summer is almost here! Well, it might actually be a few months until it’s technically summer, but that doesn’t mean the temperatures are going to hold back from rising. The fact that it’s not summer until June 21st also isn’t going to keep the sun from shining. While warm, sunny weather likely invokes thoughts of bonfires, grilling, road trips, and beach days, it might also bring a bit of dread to those operating hydraulic equipment during the summer months. Can the sun and intense heat have an impact on your hydraulic equipment? Keep reading to learn more!

What happens if a hydraulic system gets too much sun exposure?

Much like the human body, prolonged sun exposure can wreak havoc on hydraulic systems as well. In hot, sunny weather, rubber products, polymers, and other synthetic materials can become brittle and weak. While issues with the external components seems obvious, there can also be problems inside your hydraulic system if it is exposed to too much sun.

In fact, those operating agricultural equipment can experience issues often during the summer months. The increased temperatures and sun exposure can lead to pressure overload, which contributes to component failures. This is a result of the thermal radiation absorptivity due to prolonged sun exposure and can result even when the equipment is turned off.

How can you keep your hydraulic equipment from the negative impact of too much sun exposure?

If you are trying to prevent too much sun exposure, there are a few steps you can take. The first is to try and park equipment in the shade if possible. Another step you can take is to equalize pressure after disconnection. For this, leaking quick-disconnects are actually helpful because they prevent pressure buildup from sun exposure. Additionally, you can add thermal relief protection like a relief valve to the hydraulic system to prevent a large pressure buildup caused by sun exposure.

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Posted on April 17, 2019
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