Introducing ECOdraulics from Bucher Hydraulics

Owner of the Monarch brand commits to sustainability in hydraulic parts manufacturing and operation.

Introducing ECOdraulics from Bucher HydraulicsThese days it seems just about every industry is faced with the responsibility to become more eco-friendly and sustainable in their operations. Sometimes this responsibility is imposed from outside by government regulations, while in other case the choice to go green stems from internal pressures to save money through energy conservation or improve company image through publicity about green initiatives. In any case, many businesses that use hydraulic equipment can now look to “ECOdraulic” parts from Bucher Hydraulics to achieve their green goals.

What is ECOdraulics?

ECOdraulics is Bucher’s approach to sustainability in hydraulic parts design, manufacture, and operation. Energy conservation, sustainable resource utilization, and emission reduction are all considered, with respect to Bucher’s operations and to the eventual consumer product use.

So far only select Bucher Hydraulic products have been designated as ECOdraulics products, based on a rigorous internal evaluation of their verifiable ecological benefits. Any designated ECOdraulics product must have at least one of the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower emissions (including noise and lost heat)
  • Protection of the environment
  • Optimization through system design

This last benefit is especially important, because after all having one “eco-friendly” hydraulic part doesn’t do much good if it is installed in a system that is not optimized to make the most of that part’s benefits.

Example Applications

One example application of ECOdraulics is the use of frequency-controlled QXM drives to replace proportional valve technology in press brakes. This delivers up to 60 percent reduction in energy consumption, as well as significant heat loss reduction which allows an 80 percent reduction in the volume of oil in the tank.

Bucher’s RCS range of pipe-rupture valves allow for energy conservation of up to 20 percent in construction machines. They achieve this benefit by using discharge from a piston chamber to fill hydraulic cylinder chambers, which enables pump flow to be used to power other actions and allows engines to be downsized without affecting performance.

Another example of ECOdraulics innovation is a new low-pulsation design in an external gear pump, which helps to reduce noise emissions and vibrations. Reducing vibrations can have a significant ecological benefit over time, as it helps to reduce wear and tear on parts, resulting in longer parts life and less waste from failed parts.

Where to Buy Bucher Hydraulic Parts

Some Bucher hydraulic parts, particularly those manufactured under the brand name Monarch Hydraulics (which Bucher acquired in 2007) are available from Bernell Hydraulics. Please stop by one of our stores, give us a call, or use our online contact form to find out more about our inventory of Monarch hydraulic parts.

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