Hydraulics are Everywhere in the World Around You

Hydraulics are Everywhere in the World Around You

Do you know how prevalent hydraulics are in the world around you? If you’re reading this article, chances are that you do. However, for those thinking hydraulics are only used in manufacturing and other complex scenarios, keep reading. Hydraulics are actually widely utilized in a variety of industries. You might think you’ve never come across or experienced hydraulics before, but we bet you’re wrong!

Riding an Airplane

Have you ever ridden in an airplane before? If you have, then you’ve experience hydraulics firsthand! The aviation industry is chock full of hydraulic systems and components. From takeoff and landing gear to the minute wing adjustments, many aeronautic components are powered by hydraulics. Whether you took a quick hour plane ride, or traversed the ocean to visit another country, your plane used them!

Working Out

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to get in shape. If so and you’ve been hitting the gym frequently, you’ve probably been utilizing hydraulics. Unless you’re strictly using free weights or running outside, most workout equipment features hydraulic cylinders for added resistance.

Amusement Parks

Have you ever been to an amusement park and ridden a ride? Remember being a kid and riding on the roller coasters and tilt-a-whirls? Well, those all operate with the power of hydraulics! It doesn’t matter whether you are riding in a Ferris wheel basket hundreds of feet in the air, or on a tea cup in the kiddie park. Hydraulics are everywhere!

Driving a Car

If you still think that you haven’t encountered hydraulics at all in your life, ask yourself if you’ve ever driven in a car. If so, then there’s a 99.9% chance that you have come into contacts with hydraulics. The automotive industry is rife with hydraulics. From pumps and brakes to motors and cylinders, cars and trucks are chock full of hydraulics.

No Matter the Industry, Bernell Hydraulics Can Help

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what industry you operate in. Bernell Hydraulics can assist with hydraulics of all types, sizes and industries. We’ve been in the business since 1977 and our experienced team of technicians and engineers are able to work on projects larger and small. We offer hydraulic repair and preventative maintenance services, as well as full lines of hydraulic components at our retail stores.

Are you ready to get help from the hydraulics experts?

At Bernell Hydraulics, it doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, we can help with your hydraulic equipment. If you are ready to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise and make 2018 the year of hydraulics, give us a call at 909-899-1751. You can also visit us on the web at Bernell Hydraulics. From hydraulic maintenance and repairs to custom hydraulic builds and components, Bernell Hydraulics has you covered!

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