Hydraulic Systems Have Many Innovative Applications

Hydraulic SystemsHydraulic systems have been a staple of industry for quite some time now, particularly when it comes to things like heavy machinery and construction. While these common uses have proven highly beneficial over the years, numerous companies have taken to using hydraulics in new and innovative ways. This allows for optimized equipment functions and improved operations at work sites all over the globe.

Walking Excavators

Rough terrain can make construction an increasingly difficult procedure for both workers and equipment alike. Not only can such an environment make performing necessary tasks quite challenging, it can also contribute to unsafe working conditions. In this instance, specialized machinery may be called for. Thanks to the addition of hydraulics, walking excavators can easily traverse even the most treacherous terrain, thereby allowing work to continue unimpeded. Such flexible movements would be difficult to achieve utilizing other types of technology. Due to the sheer amount of power needed to move such large equipment safely, hydraulic systems have proven ideal for this type of innovative machinery.

Hydraulic-Hybrid Work Trucks

Sustainable energy is a looming concern these days. This is especially true when considering work trucks and other vehicles that tend to generate a large amount of waste products. These emissions can greatly contribute to a dismal environment, as well as serving to lessen already diminishing fuel reserves. Thankfully, hydraulic systems offer an innovative solution to the problem of soot-spewing work trucks. Some municipalities have been experimenting hydraulic-hybrid work trucks, which utilize water pressure to aid the acceleration process. This can prove highly beneficial for the constant starts and stops associated with work trucks, while also helping to reduce emission levels. Similar hydraulic systems can provide efficient operations for a variety of equipment, from heavy machinery to everyday vehicles.

Hydraulic Generators

A reliable backup power source can be an important consideration in a multitude of circumstances, from at home to the job site. While gas-powered generators are usually standard when seeking a secondary power source, they are not always the best option. For instance, gas generators create quite a bit of noise during operation, which may not be suitable for certain situations. Conversely, hydraulic generators provide a more efficient alternative to the standard gas-powered models. Generators utilizing hydraulics can ably provide power to a variety of machines, no matter their size or need. Hydraulic generators are also much smaller and less noisy than gas-powered models, affording more convenience and efficiency to every circumstance.

The Future of Industry

Of course, the above applications are just a sampling of all that hydraulics can do. The top-notch staff at Bernell Hydraulics can help companies determine what equipment will best suit their exact needs. Please contact us today at 909-899-1751 for more information on our great products and service.

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