Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Can Have Quite an Impact on Many Industries

Hydraulic and Pneumatic SystemsWhile modern industry has undergone quite a few innovations over the years, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are still considered mainstays of heavy-duty machinery. This is because these mechanisms offer reliable operation in a number of conditions, as well as for a variety of industry purposes.

Pneumatic vs. Hydraulic

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems are very similar in terms of operation; where they differ is the mechanism by which they operate. Hydraulics utilizes pressurized water to perform tasks, while pneumatics makes use of pressurized air. This makes both systems highly effective, while also providing a more sustainable approach to labor. As far as initial costs are concerned, hydraulic systems are pricier to initiate. However, pneumatic systems are much less expensive when it comes to daily operating costs. This is because hydraulics systems require more durable components during operation, which often results in additional upkeep.


The automotive world makes use of hydraulic systems in a number of ways. For instance, a car’s braking system relies on hydraulics to stop one’s vehicle safely and effectively. This technology originated in 1914 in conjunction with auto racing and soon become standard in passenger vehicles. The machinery used to produce vehicles also relies heavily on hydraulic technology. Many important production operations require machines powered by hydraulics. These include lifts, cutters, and even machinery responsible for painting a vehicle before it finally rolls off the assembly line.


The mining and chemical industries are responsible for providing the energy crucial to everyday living. As a result, these industries need fail-proof technology to ensure that work continues on as expected. Pneumatic systems are just such a technology that can allow secure and efficient energy production. Pumps are a common pneumatic mechanism in the energy industry, with a variety of applications within a given site. Hoists can also be important for daily operations, particularly when dealing with the sizable loads that are quite typical when involved in the mining process.


Construction is a heavy-duty industry that requires tough machinery to perform vital tasks. This can include everything from road construction to building one’s dream home. As a result, most construction sites use some combination of pneumatic/hydraulic equipment on a daily basis. Heavy machinery, such as forklifts and bull dozers, rely greatly on hydraulic mechanisms to operate. Pneumatic tools are also in high demand on the work site. Such tools can help make short work of repetitive jobs, which can be seemingly endless on larger construction sites.

Old and New Technology, Working Together

There’s no telling what the future holds when it comes to industry, especially when burgeoning technology is concerned. Fortunately, Bernell Hydraulics remains on the cutting edge when it comes to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. For more information, please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 909-899-1751.


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