Do Your Hydraulic Hoses Need Extra Protection?

Discover strategies to protect your hydraulic hoses from damage.

Do Your Hydraulic Hoses Need Extra Protection?Hydraulic hoses are one of the most important parts of any hydraulic system. After all, it would be impossible for fluids to travel without hoses! Unfortunately, hydraulic hoses also have the highest failure rate of any part of the system. This is simply because flexible rubber or plastic hoses are not as durable as the metal components surrounding them. While routing the wrong fluids (too hot, too pressurized, too caustic, etc.) through your hoses is one sure-fire way to end up with an early hose failure, factors acting on the outside of the hose can also be very damaging. You can protect the outside of your hoses from damage using these 4 types of products.

Hose Sleeves

Many hydraulic parts suppliers sell hose sleeves designed to provide extra protection against both abrasion and degradation. In other words, the sleeve is a sacrificial layer that will absorb any damage from the hose rubbing against other parts in the hydraulic system or getting spattered with chemicals. As an added bonus, using a hose sleeve can help contain leaking fluids in the event of a pinhole leak or other problem.

Hose Wrap

For hoses requiring spot protection at specific points of vulnerability, hose wrap may be used. Like hose sleeves, hose wrap protects against abrasion and degradation. The main advantages are that it can be applied without disconnecting the hoses, and you can use the same roll of hose wrap to protect all different sizes of hoses. Some types of hose wrap can even be used to seal up minor leaks within certain temperature and pressure restrictions.

Bend Restrictors

Overbending is another common cause of hydraulic hose failure. While system design is very important for preventing overbending (especially at the hose fitting), in some cases hoses may start out properly installed only to move during operation and become bent beyond the acceptable radius. This is where bend restrictors can be very helpful. These hard little tubes help stiffen and straighten the hoses right where you need them to.

Hose Clamps

In mobile hydraulic systems, the jarring motion of the equipment can cause hoses to pop out of place and/or rub against other parts. In any system, vibrations caused by the opening and closing of valves can also cause rubbing. Installing hose clamps can help with both issues. At Bernell Hydraulics, we have a wide selection of hose clamps that will provide a variety of different mounting options.

For Maximum Protection, Buy Parker Hydraulic Hoses from Bernell Hydraulics

The above strategies should be used as an extra layer of protection for your quality hoses, not as a means of trying to make sub-par hoses work in your equipment. For the best quality hoses, we recommend coming to Bernell Hydraulics to browse our selection of Parker hydraulic hoses. We have every size and special feature you could need, including hoses with exterior finishes that make them up to 450 times more abrasion-resistant than the competition.

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